About Old Photo Archive

OldPhotoArchive.com exists to preserve and share our history by telling stories through old photos.  Our archive is comprised of thousands photos from the public domain, our private collections, or members of our community.

The Story

We’ve always loved looking at old photos, and when we were given a large collection of family photos in 2014, we had no idea what to do with them.  We were surprised to find that there’s not a good way for people to browse or view old photos online, so we decided to create a place to do just that.

In the course of building the site, we started to acquire old photo albums and collections from antique stores and also discovered grand repositories of photos from public archives.  After a year of building out the basic structure, we opened the site with 2,000 photos from 1855 through the early 1960’s.

Each day we add new photos, collections, and stories and hope that you enjoy browsing and interacting our site and other members.

How to Follow Us

There are a few ways to get involved.  You can: