Old Photo Archive Store

The Old West

Great book from National Geographic

Historic Photos of Lexington

Great Ky photos

Old New York Photos

Brooklyn and other areaas

Family Tree Display

What a fun way to display your photos!

Family Tree Charts

Get it all written down!

Ancestry.com Ancestry Kit

Perfect for your own family research or as a gift

23&Me DNA Kit

Slightly more advanced, but same price as the Ancestry one.

Canon PIXMA Photo Printer

Great for high-quality

Canon IP7220 Color Photo Printer

Perfect for us amateurs!

Preserving Family Histories for Generations to Come

How to Preserve Great Photos

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques

Great book for the serious researcher

Using DNA Testing in Family History Research

Great book to read before trying out genetic testing

Epson Perfection v39

Best scanner for under $100

Epson Perfection 600

Best canner for under $200

Epson v500 Scanner

Best scanner for under $500

Epson 850 Pro Scanner

Our favoirite scanner under $1000

Pioneer Photo Storage Boxes

Don't let the CD/DVD thing fool you - these are perfect for photos

Pioneer Photo Album

Though we REALLY don't like putting photos in albums, this is the best one out there.

Gaylord Newspaper Archive

Newspapers are notoriously hard to prserve. These guys do a great job.

SentrySafe Fire-Proof Box

Ther's nothing worse than losing photos to a fire or water damange. This solves the problem.