8.  Switchboard Operators

Remember having to call in to the operator every time you made a phone call?  Well, these hard working people would connect you to the right person.  It's all done digitally now, but you can imagine what these rooms must have been like back in the day!

9.  Lector Hired to Entertain Factory Workers 

We can all imagine (or know first-hand) how tedious factory work can be, but did you know that in the 1920's and 1930's, workers often pitched in to hire someone to read to them all day?  This photo is from inside a Cigar company in Tampa, Florida in 1929.  

10.  Human Computer

Before there were actual computers in most workplaces, there was a job simply called, "computer".  The job involved converting figures and crunching numbers and often involved some basic translation and cryptography.  These jobs were popular especially round WWI and WWII.  

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