Mrs. Earl and her children in the doorway of their home.  Earl had constructed the house to withstand the big Midwest wind and weather, so the only way to get some breeze in the house was to open the front door.  

Three of the Pauley girls.  It looks like their dresses were most likely made out of the patterned flour sacks often used at the time. 

No fancy doll houses back then, but it's nice to know that they did grow up with dolls - even if they had to play with them in a tumbleweed!

 Time for Christmas Dinner!  It wasn't much -- potatoes, cabbage, and pie -- but it was a big event nonetheless.  Notice the littlest one standing on a wooden box to get up to the food.

Mr. Pauley taking a moment to join his children.  There wasn't a Christmas tree or nicely-wrapped presents, but back then people were simply happy to be there together and for any food that did show up on the table.  

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