38 Photos from a Greyhound Bus Trip from Louisville to Memphis, 1943

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In September, 1943, photographer Esther Bubley took a Greyhound Bus from Louisville, Kentucky to Memphis, Tennessee.  In the days that followed, she took hundreds of photos that captured a slice of life in the American South during WWII.  Along the way she met servicemen on leave, families moving for new jobs, and hundreds of farm workers who simply took the bus from one local stop to another.  The route took her east from Louisville, then south through Nashville, Chattanooga, northern Georgia, and then finally to Memphis.  

Here are 38 of our favorite photos from the collection.  Hit "Next Photo" at the bottom of each page to see the next set!  


Rossville, Georgia 1943
Rossville, Georgia

Two college students and a pair of elderly farm workers prepare to board in Rossville, Georgia.