5 Mystery Antiques: How Many Do You Know?

Hint:  It's part of a larger antique. 

Answer:  This is the treadle (foot pedal) on a 1920's Singer Sewing machine!  Many of you likely either saw this around your house or grew up in clothes that were made or "hemmed up" with this machine.  Great memories


Hint:  This came in handy on a hot, summer day!

Answer:   You're looking at an old-fashioned ice-cream churn.  You'd simply add ice, milk, sugar, and a little bit of light butter and vanilla to churn out some of the best ice cream you could imagine.


Hint:  It came in handy after a long, muddy ride over to the manor!

Answer:  Many 19th century buildings placed iron and metal "boot scrapers" on either side of the steps leading up to the front door.  The men or ladies were asked to never knowingly track mud in to another's home or place of business.  You can still see these all over most ante-bellum cities, especially in the South. 


Hint:  These were found on most streets, about 20 feet in the air. 

Answer:  What you're looking at are examples of early glass insulators that were put on transistors on electricity poles throughout cities.  They are now collectors items for their various shapes and colors.


Hint:  This helped you wake up in the morning!

Answer:   That's right - this is an antique coffee grinder.  You'd just put your beans in the top, grind away, then pull out the drawer at the bottom!