An Afternoon at Coney Island in 1910 (15 Photos)

Coney Island had it all back in the day: beaches, amusement park rides, artists, cowboys, and some of the best food around! We thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at a day at Coney Island back in 1910...

A woman comes out of the final turn of the "Razzle Dazzle" ride at Coney Island in 1910.  We can't tell for sure, but it looks like the photo captures the moment her hat was flying off!


Here is a view of Surf Avenue on Coney Island.  As you can tell, it was the center of it all.  Just look at how many people are packed on each side of the road, and all dressed up!


The beach, sideshows, and bars brought out all kinds of people, and some of the local churches set up temporary chapels right there in the middle of it.


It's hard to imagine a day at the beach like this today!


Most people didn't go in the water, but simply treated the beach like a picnic in the sand.  It was the place to go and enjoy the day. 


The original log flume ride at Coney Island!  We loved this one!


It doesn't look very pleasant for the bear in the picture, but we wanted to share it for history's sake.  Coney Island had a pretty broad Wild Animal Show as well as various circus performers and Western shows. 


A view inside Luna Park in 1910


People coming down from the log flume, known as "Chutes" at Luna Park!


Spectators look on as a ballyhoo artist does his work. 


Wild West Poloin action!


Most people believe that auto polo is a historical myth, but we have proof right here.  IN 1910:  people used rudimentary cars and played polo from them!  As you can see, life was quite lively down at Coney Island in 1910!