Great Photos of Church Picnics of the Past

Church picnics used to be one of the biggest social events in town.

The whole Sunday School class in a town just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio ca. 1900.  We love all of the detail in this photo:  everyone is dressed up, lots of hats, dresses, and even a sun umbrella.  This was certainly a different time.  


Nothing like catching up on gossip at the church picnic!  This image is from a gathering outside of St. Thomas Church in Bardstown, Kentucky in 1940.  


Here is a great scene from 1938 in the old mining town of Jere, West Virginia.  The people of the town had it rough, and "neighborhood folk" from other parishes brought in food and fixings to help support the town and its people. 


Did you ever drink out of a water barrel back in the day?  We love this photo of some kids filling up their cups at a picnic for St. Thomas Church near Bardstown, Kentucky in 1940.  


Preachers and deacons join for a big picnic at a meeting of local churches in Yanceyville, North Carolina in October 1940.  Again, love all the hats!  Would love to know what everyone was eating - we always loved church picnics and potlucks.