Couples Kissing Goodbye and Welcome Home During WWII


Some of our favorite old WWII photos are couples saying goodbye, and then having a triumphant embrace and kiss upon their return.  We wanted to put together some of our favorite goodbye/return photos that capture the love between these couples during one of the hardest times in history.  

WWII Couples, World War II Kissing Photos
London, England
Hulton-Deutsch Collection

Soldiers kissing their sweethearts goodbye as troops leave for Egypt from Feltham Station, London, September 1935.  


WWII Couples, World War II Kissing Photos
George Strok

A Soldier And His Girlfriend, Texas, USA, 1941.  Many couples got married shortly before or after enlisting, but before they left for war.  These would be the first couples to start the Baby Boomer generation upon their return.  Hit Next Page below for the rest of the photos.