What Grandmothers Looked Like When We Grew Up (15 Photos)



We just love every photo of our grandmothers and also everyone else's grandma's too!  The following photos give an interesting look at what grandmothers looked like through the years...

Chesnee, South Carolina 1937
Chesnee, South Carolina

Grandmother of sharecropper family near Chesnee, South Carolina.  Hit Next Page to see the rest...

Kern County, California 1936
Kern County, California

Grandmother from Oklahoma and her pieced quilt. California, Kern County

De Land pool. La Roe shop. Seventy-five-year-old Mrs. Katie La Roe, great-grandmother of the family, does the cooking for the La Roe production group at Eustis, Florida to give other members of the family more time for war work in their garage machine shop. The La Roe family forms an important unit in the De Land, Florida industrial pool.  March 1942