12 Things You Don't See in Schools Anymore

We visited a school the other day for a program and were surprised to find many of the things we remembered as kids to be completely gone!  We thus wanted to put together a list of some of those things you simply don't see in schools anymore.  

1) Identical Gym Uniforms.  It seems as though while the uniform movement has taken hold in many schools, people have moved on from those baggy, high-waisted gym uniforms we all had to wear.  Hit Next Page to see the rest...

2)  Brown Lunch Bags.  While it seems as though some kids still bring their lunch to school, they now bring them in fancy lunch boxes with all kinds of features and compartments.  You certainly don't see the simple brown bag anymore!


3)  The Home Economics Cottage.  That's right, some of us grew up with an entire area of the school being devoted to Home Economics.  This photo from the early 1940s gives a rare glimpse in to what these looked like.