Bring on the Efficiency:  Introducing the Hoosier Cabinet

In 1899, the Hoosier Cabinet Company sprung up with the amazing idea of putting EVERYTHING needed to cook in to one standalone cabinet that could be set next to a stove and the sink. 

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An early ad for the Hoosier Cabinet advertises how the cabinet saves miles of steps that were formerly between the barn, pantry, shed, and well.  It was a powerful idea that got ahead of the cultural shift that moved cooking from a job to something that could be a pleasure.  


Though there are few remaining cabinets from those early days of the Hoosier Cabinet Company, these photos above give you a sense of what some of the early models looked like.  Over the years, these cabinets (and clones) would show up in households across America.  


The Hoosier evolved quickly over the coming years and so did the ads.  The cabinets even began coming with pre-installed containers and recipes in the doors!