The Evolution of Kitchens in 23 Photos



We LOVE photos of old kitchens, but from 1860-1900, there are precious few available.  This got us wondering why, which led to exploring how kitchens have evolved over time.  The following 23 photos and illustrations give a quick history of how the kitchen evolved from 1860-1970.  We hope you enjoy!

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This 1874 lithograph shows how an early kitchen functioned in a wealthy home.  This was an atypical setup, as you see running water and a hybrid fireplace/oven in place.  Indeed, during most of the 1800s, there simply weren't kitchens in the home, but rather the fireplace hearth was the center of all cooking.  However, when cast iron stoves became available in the 1850's, this separated the notion of a 'living room' off and the stove became the cooking spot.  

The American Woman's Home

The notion of a 'kitchen' came about due to a book by Catherine Beecher and her sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe...

In 1869, the two sisters published a revised version of The American Woman's Home.   Hit Next Page to see the photos...