A Pictorial History of the Hoosier Cabinet (9 Photos)

A brief history of the cabinet that saved a thousand steps...

This photo from American Homestead shows a later ad for the Hoosier Cabinet.  You can see that the "Saves Steps" message definitely resonated with people!


As print magazines became more colorful and rich, so did the ads for the Hoosiers!  This photo shows a Hoosier being put to good use.  Take note of the papers that were inside the cabinets - most Hoosiers came with handy measuring guides.


Entire industries sprung up to accessorize the Hoosier Cabinets.  One example is from the Sneath Glass Company that made custom glassware for the Hoosiers, displayed above.  Original sets included coffee and tea canisters, a salt box, and four to eight spice jars.