A Pictorial History of the Hoosier Cabinet (9 Photos)

A brief history of the cabinet that saved a thousand steps...

As the Hoosier Cabinets caught on, other companies jumped in to capitalize on the movement, namely the Sellers & Sons Company of Elwood, Indiana.  Their key contribution above what Hoosier provided was an "Automatic Lowering Flour Bin", but they also claimed "at least 14 other improvements" such as a dust-proof base top and ant-proof canisters!


Sadly the Hoosier Cabinets lost popularity in the late 1920s after the Depression hit, but because they were so well-made, many of them still exist today.  The photo above shows a late-version Hoosier that has been refurbished.  Late models were often white and occasionally had some colorful jade or red trim.  

In the past couple of years, we've noticed a handful of people trying to bring back the Hoosier Cabinets by sharing how they have refurbished old family pieces or yard sale finds.  Here are two of our favorites:

This project from A Simply Happy Home shows what a husband/wife team was able to accomplish with their grandmother's old cabinet.  It came out great!


Here's another great Hoosier project, this one from Natalie Creates.  She took so much care in bringing this early 1900s model back to life.  It makes us want to start a project ourselves.  Let's all bring the Hoosier Cabinet back!

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