The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part 9

An Illustrious Writing Career

A portrait of Laura around 1918

Laura was invited to write for the Missouri Ruralist in 1911, and her early success as a writer ultimately led to her becoming a permanent columnist and editor.  She built up a loyal audience and her writing combined with the income from the farm afforded their family a stable living.  

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 wiped the Wilder's out, however, and this event prompted Laura to explore writing a series of memoirs to save the family from ruin.  She had the basics of Pioneer Girl already written, and on advice of her publisher and successful daughter, Laura sat down and wrote Little House in the Big Woods.  

The book was a success, and so Wilder continued with her Little House series.  From 1935 on, the Wilders thus lived on Rocky Ridge Farm independently and without financial worries.

We always love seeing where our favorite writers did their work.  Here is a view of Wilder's writing desk, courtesy of the LIW Home Association. 


laura ingalls wilder writing, little house prairie

Here we see a happy and smiling Laura at a book signing with elementary school kids.