The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part 5

Returning to Vigor and a Jaunt to Florida 


laura ingalls portrait, laura ingalls wilder 1891, young laura ingalls

This early 1891 portrait of Laura captures that she had returned to good health.  Almanzo still was struggling, but Laura helped them continue work, and they kept their ears to the ground for new opportunities. 

In October, 1891, Laura, Almanzo, and a young Rose traveled to Florida in hopes that the warm weather would be better for Almanzo's health and farming.  You can tell from the photo above that Laura certainly didn't love it; indeed, she could barely tolerate the humidity and weather, and the family moved back to De Smet, South Dakota in August 1892.  


Despite Laura and Almanzo only spending a short time in Florida, they still got a pretty nice historical marker!