21 Amazing Photos of Logging at the Turn of the Century



While many people reflect on the logging industry of the late 1800s and early 1900s as a time of waste, it is true that the industry was necessary for the westward expansion of the nation.  Thousands of hard working men and women did these dangerous jobs to provide wood for homes and bridges.  We've always been fascinated by images from this time because it was the exact opposite of the gold rush:  trees were everywhere, but they were large, heavy, and almost impossible to transport to buyers.  We thus wanted to put together these photos as a tribute to the families who, literally, helped build the nation.  

A group of loggers pose together around 1900.  Bringing in a haul of this size would take months of work, and you can see the pride in their faces.  Hit "next page" below to see the rest of the photos.