11)  Out the Window, not Down the Hatch.  The men who led the raids during the Prohibition Era were ruthless, as seen in this 1929 raid in Detroit.  You of course have to allow for some of the effect being due to a longer exposure time, but either way, that's a LOT of whisky streaming out the windows!

12)  Over the Falls She Goes.  At the turn of the century, people were seemingly fascinated with daredevil attempts to survive going over the Niagara Falls.  The first woman to do it was Annie Edson Taylor who successfully survived in this custom-built barrel in October of 1901.


13) We're Moving, Honey!  This amazing photo shows a team of nearly thirty horses at the ready to move this large home to a new location.  Back in the day, most homes were constructed such they could easily be moved, but it is still a sight to see!