14) Messy-Haired Lincoln.  Before Lincoln was President, he was a well-known rabble-rouser in Illinois and D.C.  This 1857 portrait was evidently taken after the photographer collected him at a bar and Lincoln refused to straighten his hair.  We gotta say, we dig it, Abe!

15) Colorful Flour Sacks.  This LIFE magazine photo shows something amazing that happened during the Great Depression.  When flour and feed companies realized that women were using their cloth sacks to make dresses for their girls, they swallowed the additional cost and began putting colorful and pretty patterns on the bags themselves.  And so they helped clothe a struggling nation!

16)  COLLEGE!  A group of girls pose during a sleep over at Peace College, Raleigh, NC, c.1910's.  We've always been curious about what dorm rooms looked like back then!