21)  The Biggest Horse Ever.  This is a photo of "Brooklyn Supreme," billed in the 1930s as the world's largest horse. The Belgian Stallion weighed 3200 pounds! Quite an impressive horse! Courtesy: KY Horse Park

22)  Risking it All for the Gold.  On August 16, 1896, gold was discovered in the Yukon territory of Northwest Canada.  Word traveled quickly down through Seattle and San Francisco, and it prompted more than 100,000 people to drop everything and make the migration north.  While the trials and tribulations of the Oregon Trail had been well-documented, nothing could prepare the would-be millionaires for the harsh weather and conditions they would soon find.  This photo shows the long line of people trekking up what was named the "Golden Stair". 


23)  Little Miss Sure-Shots:  The members of the 1925 Drexel Institute women's rifle team. They certainly have some character, don't they?!

24)  No Decency!  Two women being arrested in Chicago in 1922 for wearing one-piece bathing suits without the required leg coverings. 


25)  Dangerous Bike Gang Coming!  The Kendall Green Bicycle Club in 1884! Can you imagine riding one of these?!

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