3) Last Rites

JFK had been administered last rites at least twice before that fateful day in Dallas when he was issued them for the last time. Owing to the diagnosis of Addison’s disease and back problems (including surgery), Mr. President came close to death on more than one occasion. His last rites were issued in England, in Japan, and in Dallas after being shot in Dealy Plaza.

2) The Dress

Apparently on her wedding day, Jackie had envisioned a sleek, modern number. Instead, she was persuaded by family to wear the traditional flouncy white dress with long veil and train, simply covered in lace, which she despised.

1) The Other Dress

Jackie’s dress the day of JFK’s assassination was covered in blood. For the hours afterward of shock, grief, and waiting, she refused to take the dress off, saying that she wanted the people to see what the gunman had done to her husband. This stubborn and heartfelt sentiment is the reason you can see the blood stains on her dress during Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing in. The now-iconic suit was a direct copy of Chanel and now resides in the National Archives. Just a tragic day for every person involved and for all of us watching at home.

Because of the Kennedys we changed as a nation in so many ways. JFK’s policies and positive image around the world gave us new standing in a global economy. Jackie’s fashion sense and diplomacy set her apart as a lady of style and substance. The times were turbulent to say the least and his assassination was one we still have not entirely recovered from. But, it’s amazing how we are constantly learning new things about the people who have made headlines our whole lives.

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