The Amazing History of WWI Dazzle Ships

How the British and US Navies Got Creative in 1917

The US Navy quickly took note of the movement within the British Navy, so they also moved to incorporate their own Dazzle designs on many of their battle and transport ships.  Here you see the USS Nebraska in Norfolk, Virginia on April 20, 1918.  


The transatlantic Olympic-class ocean liner RMS Olympic, the brother of the Titanic and Britannic, was used as a troop ship from 1915-1919.  It was nicknamed "Old Reliable" as it would carry over 200,000 troops to and from the fighting fronts during WWI.  This image shows the high degree of variability in designs.


Some of the more dramatic designs were employed on the tactical warships like the HMS Rocksand, a minesweeping sloop of the Royal Navy used between 1918 and 1922.  The primary goal of this design was to confuse the enemy as to which end of the ship was the hull.


HMS Kildangan (1918)