This 1888 Carte-de-Visite shows the "Little Sure Shot" name as Annie displays her full Wild West costume.  These cards were handed out to promote the traveling show.  Note the fine embroidery of her dress!


This portrait from around 1889 was likely taken in advance of the Paris Exposition of 1889, an event she featured prominently in.  She was quite the surprise to all who saw her perform -- people were amazed that such a demure, kind-looking girl could achieve such feats!


One of the most interesting things about Annie's life is the many stories and anecdotes about situations when she would take on a dare or a challenge.  Many of these stories involve stuffy European figures or Native American Indian Chiefs.  This photo captures one of those scenes.  Annie isn't in costume and it isn't an event - she's taking the time to show this guy what she's made of!