Top 5 Scanners for Preserving Old Photos


With all of the old photos that we have in our collection, you had better believe that we know quite a bit about scanners!  There are a few great services out there like LegacyBox that allow you to send your photos out and have them scanned, but we prefer to keep them in our own home and scan them ourselves when we can.  We've tried out quite a few scanners and wanted to put out five recommendations that range from $69 to $640.  Scroll down to check them out...


Over $500 - Epson Perfection V800 ($640)


This is what we use to scan most of the photos, negatives, and slides you see on our site.  It is pricey at $640, but it allows you to scan multiple photos at a time and includes multiple trays for different slide and negative sizes.  It also allows you to color-correct and remove dust from photos during the scanning process.  You can buy it by clicking here, or scroll down to see our other recommended scanners.  You can get it here:  Epson Perfection V800 ($640)



Under $500 - Canon CanoScan 9000F ($399)


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Though most of our recommendations are from the Epson product family, we've had great experience with this Canon product as well.  It let's you do most of the things you can do with the Epson V800, but it's just a little less powerful and doesn't get updated as often as the Epsons.  If we had to choose, we'd either go up to the Epson V800 or step down to the Epson V600 below.  You an get it here:  Canon CanoScan 9000F ($399)


Under $300 - Epson Perfection V600 Deluxe ($242)


Here you'll see two separate V600 products in a row.  These are very powerful scanners, but the $242 Deluxe V600 gives you a bit more power and scans at a higher DPI.  If you want to use multiple formats and scan very high resolution photos, we'd suggest the Deluxe; if not, the $195 V600 below is a great option.  You can get it here:  Epson Perfection V600 Deluxe ($242)


Under $200 - Epson Perfection V600 ($195)


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We love our Epsons, and the $195 Epson V600 above is a great option for getting started.  You can get it here:  Epson Perfection V600 ($195)


Under $100 - Epson Perfection V19 ($69.99)


Now this is great little scanner.  If you anticipate doing color and black and white photos, but don't care too much about high resolution and scanning multiple photos at a time, this is the product for you.  You can get it here:  Epson Perfection V19 ($69.99)