Bull’s Head Inn Restaurant. Via/ NYPL


It used to be that even the smallest town had a diner, most likely with a long bar and waitresses in uniform, probably with a checkered floor, too. Now more the exception than the rule, we can only hope that the classic diners we still will stay open for years to come.

Carnival Restaurant, 1954. Via/ Flickr

Carnival Restaurant, 1954. Via/ Flickr

Diner sign. Via/ Flickr

White Crystal Diner. Via/ Library of Congress

The Diner’s Rendezvous 1950s. Via/ Flickr

Andy’s Diner, 1956. Via/ Flickr

Coffee Pot Restaurant. Via/ Library of Congress

Highway diner, 1940. Via/ Library of Congress

1955 diner. Via/ Flickr

Nicholas Diner, 1994. Via/ Library of Congress

Hopefully there’s a diner near you that still has that classic feeling. It’s nice to look at pictures, but so much nicer to sip coffee inside your favorite diner.

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