What Kids Wanted for Christmas 100 Years Ago (10 Photos)

Ever wonder what kids put on their Santa list 100 years ago?  Scroll through this series to see the most-requested toys from 1910-1930!

#1:  The Rocking Horse.

#2:  These magnificent new things called Crayola Crayons!

#3:  The Erector Set

#4:  The Sled that Steers - the Flexible Flyer!

#5:  And for spring time, the Radio Flyer!

#6:  If you couldn't afford an Erector Set, the best bet was a set of Tinker Toys.

#7:  And Everyone Wanted a Raggedy Ann Doll!

#8:  For those that could afford it, Lionel Trains were a must-have

#9:  Next to the joy buzzer, the yo-yo was the most often-requested small toy.  They appeared in thousands of stockings around the U.S. 

#10:  And what's Christmas without Candy?!